A group of specialists including professors and famous practitioners in Chinese medicine have provided their wealth of knowledge and expertise, in traditional Chinese medicinal approaches, to give you an alternative and provide options other than Western medicine.
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Teach yourself by watching online movies on:

Acupressure in first aid - learn the applications of acupuncture in emergency situations.

Qi Gong - a method of breathing and movement to improve the body energy and prevention of disease.

Tai Chi - a slow movement exercise to strengthen the body and maintain good bodily functions.


Gain a better understanding through these movies and presentations:

The concept and theory of Chinese medicine
About Chinese Medicine
Chinese herbs and formulae
Preparing herbal medicine

Increase your confidence by visiting this on-line medical office:

Relief from Anxiety - Anxiety is something we all feel from time to time. These are tips that can be used when anxiety strikes. They are reproduced in a set of 10 flash card.

Diagnoses procedure - a movie that gives you a general idea on how a practitioner works

Track a real medical case - share the experience and joy of a recovery.

Case studies - find real medical cases that are relevant and useful.