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This section summarizes actual cases regarding different sicknesses. All the cases are real and you are welcome to contact the case-practitioners for further information. This section is a very useful tool for any references you may need.

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*A study by Dr. David Eisenberg, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, found that Americans made more visits to alternative practitioners -- herbal medicine, folk remedies, and energy healing -- than regular doctors in 1997. And they spent about $27 billion out-of-pocket on alternative therapies -- about the same amount they spent on physician visits. A survey from Stanford University found that over two-thirds of Americans now use unconventional medical therapies. "This is the first time in Western medical history that we have a movement

that is consumer-driven," Merrell observes."

* Peking University developed a new herbal formula for curing lung Cancer. Research and experiments show a success rate of 35 percent.

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* A geng-sang farm in Canada, 50 acres with yearly production of 5,000 lbs of top quality geng-sang, is looking for potential investors to expand the business and the export market.

* An international pharmacy manufacturer intends to buy a Chinese herb essence manufacturer in China. Minimum business yearly turnover of US$1,000,000.00.

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This is a new Chinese herbal product for the 21st century. These granules are made from raw herbs. Through technological advances, the manufacturers have improved the process of extraction and condensation. More than 400 kinds of concentrated herbal granules of exemplary quality are produced to replace the traditional raw, dried herbs in formulations and prescriptions. These granules have the same properties, flavors, channel tropism and effects as the original raw herbs.

It provides a safe, convenient and quick method for you and your patients.

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